The key to make the perfect brownies


Brownies seem to be a very easy treat to make but over bake them and you lose all the gooey fudgyness that makes them such a hit.

The Desi tv blog team is here with its top tips to take your brownies to the next level.

  • Good quality products:

The difference between a good brownie and a mediocre one mainly boils down its ingredients. Use decent dark chocolate, (the higher the cocoa the intense the flavor would be), good quality cocoa and butter instead of margarine for the best results.

  • Intensify the chocolate flavor:

There are two easy ways to do this and you can use them both at once.

  1. Always add a little salt – salt brings out the flavor whilst balancing out sweetness
  2. Add a little coffee – one of the oldest tricks in the book when you want to make a baked treat super chocolaty is adding a little espresso. Just a little will intensify the chocolate flavor without making it taste like coffee. Try a teaspoon of instant coffee dissolved in just a little hot water.
  • Substitute it right:

If you’re making eggless brownies, you can substitute egg with Greek yoghurt/ hung curd. Avoid using yoghurt set at home as it has excess water which will make your brownie batter watery. Eggs act as leavening agents and also provide that gooeyness to the brownies, hence it’s very important to get your  substitute right or else you’ll end up with dry, cakey brownies.


Make sure you don’t under bake or over bake your brownies because that makes all the difference. Always follow your recipe’s baking time (toothpick test doesn’t work here!) and bake your brownies until they’re done. I usually bake my brownies for 30-35 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius and they turn out perfectly well but if you’re following some other recipe, make sure you stick to numbers!


Now, we know it’s very tempting to just take out your perfect gooey brownies from the oven and dive right into it but I cannot emphasize harder on how important it is to let your brownies cool for 10-15 minutes before you take them out on the pan. As the brownies are supposed to be soft and fudgy, they’ll crumble very easily when they’re still hot. So make sure you set your brownies aside and I can assure you, the result will be heavenly!

Bon appetite.

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